What does it mean to have full coverage auto insurance?

Liability helps pay for damage you cause in an at-fault accident, while comprehensive and collision can help repair damage to your car (or replace it altogether). It’s a robust package of protection, yes — but it might not provide all the protection you need. And that’s why “full coverage” can be misleading.

While there is no car insurance coverage that goes by the name “full coverage,” most individuals think of full coverage as a policy that combines the following: State-required liability or no-fault insurance coverage to cover bodily injury and property damages to others in an accident you cause.


NJSAIP NJ Dollar day car insurance – NJPAIP NJ Personal Auto

The Special Automobile Insurance Policy (SAIP) is an initiative to help make limited auto insurance coverage available to drivers who are eligible for  Medicaid with hospitalization. Such drivers can obtain a medical coverage-only policy at a cost of $365 a year.


  1. Driver License
  2. Registration, Title, or Sales Receipt | Purchase Order | Bill of Sale
  3. Medicaid Card | NJ Health Benefit ID card
  4. Money Order – $185.00 for 6 months or $365.00 for 12 months